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Volunteers Welcome

Volunteers are always welcome to come to work on the farm for a day or a few days. We will provide good food and hospitality.


If you want to come for a few days or longer please contact us.


The work will be varied and mostly outdoors. You will need to bring appropriate clothing with you. There will be work in the gardens, on the land and in the woodland.


You will be supervised and at be shown how to do things.


You do not need any skills but if you do have skills you think might be useful do let us know in advance.



The Produce - Fresh and Organic

The projects we have for the coming months are:


1.Poly Tunnel

growing and weeding here

The tunnel   is usedto grow a variety of  organic vegetables and enable us to extend our growing season.


March onwards


1. The landscaing of the area around the stream

A large project which requires a lot of work in helping landscape the stream, build bridges and remove bramble and fill in

old rabbit burrows.


2. Woodland Work

This is preliminary work  in the woodland with some basic clearing and wood collection for next year.

We are in the process of creating a woodland mamagement plan for the next three years. All help in doing this would be appreciated.


3. General maintence of all areas and working with the biodynamic lunar caledar





Projects in the coming Months