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Woodgate Farm offers a selection of therapies which are holistic and non-evasive. The therapies work on the whole body, both the physical  and subtle.


Therapy sessions last for 60 minutes which includes a consultation period.


The practitioners at Woodgate Farm are fully qualified and experienced.  Treatments are in comfortable rooms on the farm. After treatment clients can rest in the farm surroundings before leaving.


Healing weekends or days are available on request.


Please ask for details.

This is a healing programme designed to support both the physical and energy bodies. It can help with both physical and psychological conditions and is essential to good health. I often compare having an EFM treatment to a car and its MOT check. The energy body needs to be in good shape to support the physical and acts as a barrier to illness and disease.  

Energy Field Medicine

Aura Treatment and Healing

This is  a specific aura cleanse and repair which includes  a chakra balance


Your aura is discussed in relation to your health


You are also  given a visual hand drawn picture of your aura to take away with you.


Clients feel a great sense of well being after a treatment.


All treatments £45 per session



Homoeopathy is a complete system for health. Homeopaths study the laws and principles governing the function of the human being in order to restore the patient to harmony with himself and the universe.


It is particulary good for children as it has no side effects.


Homoeopaths have to abide by a rigid code of conduct and provide support and remedies for all types of ailments.

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