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Discovering Unity  

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John and Carolyn have been studying self-development and awareness for over 30 years. They have run courses in healing and meditation in various countries and been members of staff and students at The Beshara School of intensive esoteric education in Scotland.


They follow a universal perspective and believe that all knowledge is within and is simply veiled and needs to be brought out. They bring a dynamism to the courses they offer which are both practical and spiritual.


They have also developed a practical course 'Beyond Barriers' on becoming human and living in today's society.

  • Retreats for recovery and stress relief with support and discussion

  • Special retreats for couples who wish to have time to share, reflect, develop and grow

  • Weekend or one week retreats for  individuals who wish to spend time in peace and contemplation


















Meditation Sundays


Themed meditation days from 10.00 -12.30


Generally the 2nd Sunday in every month.      Call to book  


Ibn Arabi & Meditation  Thursdays from  18.30 -20.00


Free                All  welcome.

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Individual and  couple retreats Retreat Article

'Thank you for a perfect resting point'.


This is an opportunity to meditate and discuss aspects of universality in a peaceful environment.


Non-denominational, all welcome. Allow the practice of meditation to become part of your life


"You will soon find that thoughts are like the wind; they come and go.


The secret is not to 'think' about the thoughts but to allow them to flow through your mind, while keeping your mind free of after thoughts."


Sogyal Rinpoche. Glimpse after Glimpse



Coffee and biscuits included.  £5 donation suggested