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Alternative Energy on the Farm

Woodgate Farm has embraced Alternative Energy and is trying to be as sustainable as possible.


In the main house we have replaced the oil fuel with ground source heatingand it is now a carbon neutral dwelling.


This was a major undertaking where two 150 metre trenches, over a metre deep, were dug in the adjacent field. (See pictures below). We also had to install and house the heat pump.  The old radiators were replaced with more efficient ones and under floor heating installed in the kitchen.  


In Woodgate Chalet we have installed PV solar cells to provide electricity and we have plans to replace the oil heating in the Chalet with air source heating sometime this year.


In both houses we are installing wood burning stoves and managing the woodland as a source of fuel.


We now are now carbon neutral in the main house due to new solar panels for the house and                                CWI installed.


We offer free advice to anyone who wishes to visit us and offer short informative learning bites on alternative energy to those staying with us as guests, if they so wish.



Installing the ground source heating in the field